Wednesday, August 5


Hey, today we went to our summer house, where we are spending most of this week. Here are basically no internet connection so totally country life! :D But I like it, being away from all of this and just realxing. It's really warm and sunny and I wanna get tanned so so badly- hopefully it's going to happen! :)
This case is MY DESIGNED! Yaay I'm so happy about this. When I'm back home, I'm going to talk you much more about it! ;)

// Oh, kui mõnus on vahepeal lihtsalt puhata. Olen suvilas ja terve päev nautinud seda päikselist ja nii kuuma ilma. Elame basically ilma internetita mis on nii mõnus!.Teen kiirelt selle postituse ja lähen päikseloojangut nautima, enjoy! :)
**Ps we went to a boat ride and at the same time there was a beauutifuul sunset :)