Tuesday, August 11

Design your own case with CASEAPP

So, I had this super awesome oppurtunity to collab with CASEAPP (click).
I designed my own phone case which is soooo cool! Basically you can design your own phone case or computer cover- it's totally up to you what you wanna do and how you want this to look like. I decided to make one gray one (in pictures it looks like kind a bluish gray, but actually it's just dark matte gray :)
At first you need to open caseapp.com webpage and click ''design your case'' . Then just choose your phone type. I choosed my iphone 5, but you can also choose other iphones (4-6+) and even ipad, ipod and some samsung's (galaxy s3-s6).
And then you can just start making your own case- upload a photo and add some stickers if you want- it's just SUPER EASY! ☺
I have a discount code for you, it's avabile until 31th August so you have almost 3 weeks left ;) The code is MARIEL20 (you can get 20% off with this!)
Thank you so much CASEAPP for this change- I really love my case and your page! ;)

//Tahad disainida oma telefonile korpust? Mine caseapp.com lehele ning kliki design your case. Vali oma telefoni tüüp ning siis lae üles pilt, lisa lauseid, kirjakesi ja kleepse- Nii lihtne see ongi☺
Piltidel näed Kristeli suurepärast ideed, kui ma ütlesin, et soovin adidase korpust aga kuidagi rohkem minuga seostuvat- lisaks keerasin ma nime teistpidi lihtsalt sellepärast, et see nägi palju coolim välja- selgus aga, et peeglist pildistades on nimi täitsa õietpidi.
Sooduskoodiga MARIEL20 saad tellimuse -20% odavamalt! Kood kehtib 31.augustini.


  1. Nii nii ilus korpus! Ma kindlasti tellin endale ka midagi! :) xx

  2. Ma vaatasin, et minu telefoni nime seal ei olnud. Kas see tähendab, et igale telefonile ei saa teha?

    1. Jah, kahjuks seal vaid iphone'd ja samsungid. Aga sa võid neile ehk kirjutada ja küsida kas sinu telefoni mudelile ka võimaik :)

  3. Püha müristus! 32€ kaant küll ei raatsi tellida ju!

    1. Sama!!! :D Aliexpressist saab 5€ eest kolm korpust, smh. Tüdrukud ja nende "fancy" stuff. Tuleb kõik nagunii ühest ja samast august ;)

  4. i would get a iPhone 6s Color Pop skin.

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