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Hey, I've been so busy lately and I'm really sorry about not being active on my social media. I didn't have a camera, but my friend borrowed me his Canon 600D. Now I have a video and some overviews waiting :).

We went to BÄM yesterday, it's a school band contest for charity. We had so much fun and friends (also favorite band) won the grand prime! So they are winners of BÄM 2016. I wanted to vlog so much, but my own little camera card is missing and also my computer is in warranty, so I'm totally out of the social media :D

By the way, my friend started blogging and his blog is reaallyy gooood! I'm so happy I'm not the only one who is blogging. You can find his blog HERE (click)

COAT- Femme  SCARF- made by Kristel  JEANS- New Yorker  BAG- H&M  SWEATSHIRT (absolute favorite, wearing it everyday haha, it's so comfy!!)- Junkyard  

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