Monday, April 25


On Thursday we had a little meeting kind a thing with Riti, who is the organizer of NYX in Baltics. We had so much fun and she is so sweet and one of the nicest person I have ever met. So we discussed about my makeup habits and collection. Still can't believe that we talked around 2 hours. It was more like 20 minutes haha!
So when she asked all the questions and we had already taken look at my collection, she bring out a pink bag, what included so many products and I couldn't believe, all the things from NYX! I was super amazed and so thankful for Riti, bringing me all those products, discussing and having fun!
She also told me some exciting news! I am not going to tell you them, soon you can already hear but if you want to know, then think about two words : NYX and BALTICS!
And she also told me that I was the first one in Estonia and secound in baltics, who got NYX products as a gift to blogger, so I have the big honor to test them out.

Btw, in love with them butterglosses from the first time I tried them. Primer is doing a great work, powder is a dreaaamm, my favourite! And the concealer palette is super creamy and has a really good coverage.
All those colors, I'm super excited to test them doing some stage inspired makeup looks more often from now!

And please VOTE for my MAKEUP LOOK in Avon Eesti's contest right HERE! Only 1 week left and it's really importnant to me!

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  1. Hei! Oskad sa öelda, kust on võimalik tellida NYX tooteid Eestisse? Ma olen kergelt obsessed paarist huulevärvist. Oli võimalus neid välismaalt osta, aga polnud neid toone, mida ma tahan. On üldse kuskilt võimalik Eesti toimetamisega tellida? If you know, pls tell meee :)
    Või millal meile siia maaletooja tuleb? :D