Thursday, May 12


Liisa from Puls Nutrition sent me sooo much stuff, all kind a protein bars and them cookies! Have you heard about this company before? Or tried their food? Let me know in the comments and also tell me how you liked them, basically, I loved them all! To clear this all up, I'll tell you what is Puls.

Puls Nutrition is a company, who shows, that you can be healthy and fit while eating all this amazing stuff, that's my opinion! 
Their products belong to BARS and SPECIALITIES. From BARS category you can find Puls Bar Protein, Enegry, Fit and Bite bars. All bars include many vitamins and good healthy stuff inside. 

Protein bars are in 4 different flavors ; chocolate, strawberry and cheesecake. They are thicker than others and fill you up really good!
Enegry bars belong to 2 different ones; coconut+vanilla and coconut+chocolate (BOTH 100% MY FAVS!) I loved these very much, enegry is g-u-a-r-a-n-t-e-e-d!
Fit bars also belong to 2 different categories: vanilla+nuts and chocolate+goiji+cranberries (AGAIN MY FAV BARS) They are thinner but all those nuts and goiji berries are so tasty and cool combination. So hey, looking for a intresting taste and good fill up snack? Choose them!
Bite bars are in 3 flavors: Chocolate, cheesecake and strawberry. They are so sweet and small, really loved their taste. 

There are also glutein-free SNAP cookies in orange and double chocolate. I got to try only the orange flavor but it tasted hell of a good! Def. going to try those double chocolate ones. They include 23% of protein and they are supergood with coffee.
Then you can find Puls KEX wafers. They are like basic bar, but just covered with waffle. PULS KEX includes +30 % of protein, is gluten free and low-sugar.
Flavours: chocolate, vanilla, chocolate-nuts. They are absolutely amazing, like those old waffle-cookies or chocolate!

You can also find Puls SHOT's under the specialites category. I didn't got to try them, but I think sometime I will. 
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