Wednesday, May 18


I'm always super busy when summer is around the corner. Exams and last test what we need to do are waiting. I really hope that everything goes well. On the next friday is the ''last school bell'' party. 

Finally the warm weathers are here and more shoots are coming. Hope you enjoy your week as much as I do. I really like your comments and I can see that my posts are getting more and more views- that's amazing! These photos are taken with Fuijfilm X-T10, what is a really popular camera now. I can see pictures with it on insta all the time. If you would like to see a review, then def. let me know.

I have so many meetings coming up! On this Friday it's the NYX meeting with bloggers and makeup artists. Really hoping that I can go.

Jeans- Zara   Denim T-shirt- Zara   White bomber- Lindex    Kicks- Adidas (Sportland)