Saturday, July 16


So I'm back home again! I can't believe how busy I'm lately, and also very lazy too, haha! I'm working really hard on one big project and soon I can tell you what it is, I think it's pretty cool that I got the oppurtunity to join with this.
Also, we got our place for Kuldrula in Pärnu and we all are more than happy- we also hope to see our friends again there and stuff like that. If you want me to vlog all of this then definitely leave a comment down below:)

I couldn't believe my eyes, I've never seen something so beautiful before- one evening we just followed the sunset with our bikes and it's was soooo cool! Besides, that I love sunsets the most!

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  1. Tore on näha, kuidas Sinu inglise keel ajas muudkui paremaks muutub :)