Saturday, September 10


Today we visited our absolute favourite coffee shop again. This is just so cool and chill place + they offer the best latte in town or I'm feeling like this is the best one I ever had. We planned to go and eat our cheat meal right there this Saturday- nooooooo regretz at all! I took this brownie-cheesecake and holy god this was amazing.
After this carbloading we decided to take a little walk and so we found this cool street and took couple of shots. I'm not really sad because summer is over, I really like my new school and class and I can't wait until autumn and winter, oh goooddd!!!

Guess what-
käisime jälle Rohelise Maja kohvikus ning sellest kohast ei saa lihtsalt kunagi küllalt. Vaikne ja rahulik ning mega mõnus pleiss. Toorjuustu-brownie ja latte are my faaavvsss!!!