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I've been super busy lately and I barely post anything here but hey, it's going to change, now! I am so in love with my new sweater from Zara Knit Collection - I saw it I bought it haha. But decided to wear something different to cheer you up and frighten away those rainy dayyzz.. you know what I mean.
You can also see the shoes I'm wearing are supercool, they are from Uncle Paul and perfect for spring/summer days. Oh, I can't wait until crispy spring mornings and warm summer nights! Just a few more months to wait.

Sweater - Zara Knit   Jeans- Zara   Hat- H&M   Shoes - Uncle Paul 
Pics : @pahkelkristel 


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    1. yay, suured tänud sulle :) Kommentaar oli märkamata jäänud, ups :)