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Last month I went on a photoshoot with Adidas Eesti for StellaSport Spring/Summer 2017 collection and this was beyond awesome! It was located at Ronimisministeerium and it was my first time climbing those walls. Pretty scary at the beginning but I got used to it and it was actually very cool and fun.
Special thanks to Triin for inviting me, I had a very nice day! :)

The whole collection is now Avabile at Rocca Al Mare ADIDAS store. I'm so in love with those blue workout tights, amazingly comfy and they look so cool even with a plain gray hoodie.
Viska oma hääl minu pildile Sportlandi konkurssil SIIN

Clothes - Adidas Stella Sport   Photos: Getter Kuusmaa   MUAH - Birgit Kahn

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