Monday, April 3


The 3-day-detox-challenge starts again with BoostYourSelf huge family. It's my 4th time doing it and I think that focusing on the r e a l foods is really important. That's why I'm eating paleo based foods and I feel fantastic and full of enegry. Are you joining with us this time? If you still haven't got your Detox blend then hurry up. Click HERE and start the challenge whenever you would like! Lez gooo..:) 

Ilusat esmaspäeva hommikut kõigile! Ja täna alustame BoostYourSelfi kolme päevase detox väljakutsega, taaskord! Woohoo, see on juba minu neljas challenge ja mingisuguseid kahetsusi ei ole. Tunne on imeline iga kord peale seda ning endalegi üllatavalt tuleb energiat juurde. Kas sul on detox superfood juba olemas? Kui ei, siis tseki boost.ee ning ühine meiega! :)


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  3. Incorporating a cup of detoxify tea into your daily regimen can bring significant health benefits, from boosting your immune system