Friday, May 5


 1. Just love training in my hometown Myfitness gym. And also achieved my goal for this year thanks to that - I ran the 12km race without any stops and bad feelings, finished it at 1:09:41, my goal was to finish before 1h 12minutes so I DID IT! // 2. On my way back home from TLN I just bought myself this Primal Pantry paleo bar and it was delicious! Love the book also so much. // 3. Found myself a perfect pancake recipe (usually I make them 1-2 a week #healthyproteinpancakes) // 4. Went to Sume SALONG to cut my ugly and broken ends off, say hello to my new hair, I'm in love!
5. Another selfie with my new hair haha, love it! // 6. And look how cute this new case for my phone from Prosawood is! Definitely a good mother's day gift idea, this is one of my faves definitely. // 7. Part of the #teampuls (Puls Nutrition Eesti family) aaah, so happy and the bar is just a DDDREAAM! //  8. One of my favourite locations and shoots of all time, I really love the outcome! 
9. BoostYourself launched their new superfood blend called GREENS. I really like it, when you're afraid of using DETOX blend because of the strong taste then definitely give GREENS mix a go! 10. Not a dress person at all but bought this cute denim dress from ZARA and I'm super happy with that! I seriously have only 3 dresses, haha! :D 11. Yay, look at those cuties on my feet. If you would like to own a pair of mint-green timberlands then check my last posts! 12. Meet Printsu, our modelling cat, haha just joking. One day when I was home alone he just decided to pose for my camera like that! :D
13. Got this surprise package from Puls Nutrition and I've always wanted to taste their Mint Choc protein. I don't drink it as a protein shake, I think I don't need it yet but I like to add this to my smoothies and porridge to make the protein amount a little bit bigger (using MyfitnessPal to track my food:)) 14. Me and my dance group danced at the mall in the beginning of this month and yea, came home and took a selfie! :D 15. Third shoot picture what I really liked, my afro-hair after a dance competition looked pretty fab. 16. My faveee cafe of all time - Rohelise Maja Pood & Kohvik. Love this place. It was my first time eating a proper meal there - chicken-avo salad + latte + banana bread - sounds like a dream. 

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