Saturday, December 2



Okay haha, now let's talk! I have been loving this jacket since the day I got this or saw this in the store! It's from Reserved and it wasn't pricy at all- but this keeps you hella warm, like we, Estonians need in the wintertime:) Oh and the SNOW CAME! On Friday I went to Tallinn to see the Reserved Rocca Al Mare opening and the new store is hugeee! Opening party was also very sweet:) But in the morning I was at school in Viljandi and it was snowing the whole time - oh and there was a lot of snow! 
Unfortunately I had to come back from Tallinn in the evening (planned to stay there until today) but my big sister told me wise words: you are living just for yourself, not for somebody else) and it made me feel so much better. I'm telling you- you all seem to think that my life is perfect, nope - social media makes it appear like that, noone is perfect:) Hope you are spending lovely time with your family and friends during the winter and christmas time. I also have giveaways planned you, starting on the 8th of December:) 

Jacket - RESERVED            Pants & Knit - ZARA          Shoes - Nike / Sportland Eesti          Bag - RESERVED

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