Thursday, January 18


So on Saturday I went to Tartu for the very first time in so long! I met up with Keir to shoot some new photos for my blog and instagram. It was so freaking cold haha! At first we tried to shoot outside and then the place where we actually planned to shoot was closed so we had to wait around an hour to get inside. We finally made it and shot some photos there also. After that I ran back to the bus station to get back home. Unfortunately I missed my BodyCombat class just because I checked the time wrong, but went to the gym anyways and trained arms with weights for the very first time in a year - holy moly my hands are still on fire haha! :D 

Check out more photos from my instagram - HERE ❤️ 
Testing out a new orange theme since I am obsessed with that! I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do :) 


Coat - ZARA (new collection, check in stores)    Pants - ZARA (on SALE now!)     Sweater/blouse - ZARA      Sneakers - JUNKYARD / PUMA (click)    Bag - RESERVED

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