Saturday, January 20


Heyhey! Have you already tasted those amazing PREMIA ice-creams?  My faves are totally the Premia ice-cream cups with vanilla-choc ice cream and the Premia Premiums with almonds and toffee! I highly recommend you to try them out :) BTW- let me know if you are more a chocolate person or an ice-cream one? I think I love both of them- yep, living healthy lifestyle means that you can still eat everything you want, but just the right amount of it and you should eat your greens too! Oh I have had cravings for an apple since yesterday but I totally forgot to buy them so here I am, soon going to the gym, writing a blogpost now and craving for apples ... hahah #mariel! 

*Keep your eyes on my instagram, because giveaway will launch very soon... I think everyone who loves ice cream would like to win a whole box of it! #CheatDays are allowed:) 

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  1. Ma olen kindlasti rohkem šokolaadi inimene, aga su viimaseid pilte vaadates tundub et mu eelistused võivad muutuda����(aga noh täna õhtul tuleb ikka šokolaadikooki teha)������✨�� love youu��✨��