Wednesday, February 7


...visit this CAFE SHOP! Oh god I think people will introduce me as a huuge fan of this place and nothing ever tastes bad there. They serve the B E S T coffee and if you don't believe then I have made people love coffee by inviting them there. So you want to try? Hit me up for a coffee day:) 
TODAY was such a nice day! Because of the snow - like I have never seen this much snow coming down all day! But I sometimes wish I could run away from this old and to stay somewhere warm. But yea, summer is definitely going to be full of awesome trips:) You got any tips? Feel free to share them with me hehe. 

Ma ütlen teile, et see kohvik on lihtsalt kõige armsam ja vahvaim ja maitsvaim koht kus te kunagi käinud olete! Ülimõnus vibe ja maailma kõige parem kohv - ja kes ei usu, siis ootan coffee date'le haha! Uskuge või mitte aga mitte kohvijoojad on ka armunud:)  
Täna oli niii ilus päev, kuna lund sadas ja sadas ja sadas. Sisimas ikka mõtled reisidele ja millesti soojemast aga õnneks ei ole suvi enam kaugel ning saab palju-palju avastama minna! :) 

Sweater & jeans - ZARA      Hat - my sister's but guess it's also from Zara      Sneakers - @Nike Ülemiste  store 

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