Wednesday, March 18

The east coast / part 1

This was our first official long roadtrip around Tasmania. We spent 4 full days, a long weekend, travelling around east coast and south parts. I decided to make a bit more informational and longer post for people who would love to see those places or just to help out someone who is keen to see what Tasmania is alike! So follow along, we made pretty cool pictures to help you realise how all of this looks in real life.

I will write a little bit about every place we visited and you can also SEE MY FIRST TRAVEL VIDEO on Instagram about this trip! Click HERE and let me know how you liked it :) But in total of those 4 days we visited East Coast Nature world, Bicheno, Hobart, Freycinet National park - including Wineglass Bay, Bruny Island, Maria Island, Hobart and Salamanca market! This was such a fun trip so here are some informative comments and pictures of it xx


This was one of my favourite places we visited. I found this park somehow on instagram and was telling J that we definitely need to go there. He was sceptical at first but after visiting this park we were all so happy that we went. 
You know about those wildlife zoo's where they tell you how they are saving animals from nature and keeping them alive? This really was one of those REAL ones, not fake ones. Animals had huge nature areas to live, everything so close to the nature. Kangaroos and wallabies were hopping around, not stressed at all. They felt really free. Other animals had huge open spaces not tiny cages like in normal zoos. They are a non-government funded organisation and wow, this is amazing what they do to help saving hurt animals, keeping the populations high and taking care of every animal according to their needs. 

Johannes and bored kangaroo trying to take a selfie - look how much joy in one photo haha! :) 

At first we tried to feed the kangaroos and they didn't want anything. They were prolly toooo full :D But when we started to move away, they all wanted to eat! 
They were selling the feeding packs for 2$ and we bought them to avoid people feeding them with their own food and to support this non-government supported small business. And this really was a place for animals to be when they are hurt and brought in to get well again. We felt super happy seeing how free and happy all the big and small creatures were:) 

Seeee the little one in the middle! She was the cutest of them all awww. Bucketlist goal achieved - take a selfie with kangaroo (and an extra - with the baby kangaroo)! 

There are several feeding times when a guide comes along and explains a bit more about the animals, we happened to be there exactly when they started feeding Tasmanian Devils, Snakes, Emus, Echidnas and many other animals I can't remember. Staff is super friendly and gives out so awesome information you just can't find anywhere else, they are also very professional and happy(!!) doing their work in the park. 

It is located on the lower part of Tasmanian east coast, near Bicheno. Driving from Launceston it took approximately 2 hours. Roads in Tasmania are great so no need to worry about them:)


The most beautiful and whitest beaches are definitely in BICHENO! Looong, white beaches with crystal blue water, oh my god!!! Totally worth a visit even when the weather is not exactly the ''beach'' weather. You will still see the amazing beauty of those beaches and you can just stop everywhere and hop into the beach. There are so many, towards the Bicheno small ''city'' you can also discover something similar like The Bay of Fires. The stones are pretty much the same! 

We were just sitting, enjoying the beautiful sunny weather and listening the waves. Unfortunately we just hopped in to see what are they like- we didn't stay longer than 15 minutes because we had a loong day ahead of us. But highly recommend staying there and getting on some tan or even go to swim to the ocean! Right now the water is probably freezing cold but during the summer this would be such a place to go:) 

Just look at this wonderful and beautiful long beach! We are were blinded by the beauty of this, never seen so clear baby blue water with almost snow white sand. I wish we could have so beautiful beaches in Estonia too. Haha how many times I have said the word ''beautiful'' in this text :D

This is the END of part I of our trip. I think I will make separate posts about Bruny and Maria island soon to come. Meanwhile, check out my IGTV video if you still haven't :) And I have some more pictures up on my Instagram of our big travel so don't forget to follow me and check those out too.