Monday, May 16


Last month I took part of Boost Yourself 3-day-detox challenge. I bought myself the deatox mix from BOOST.EE/SHOP and the challenge started! I recommend it to everybody! I felt really amazing after the challenge. My body was free from all those bad stuff and my mind was also clean.
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What is the 3 Day Deatox challenge?
Basically it cleans your body, removes toxins and tons of bad stuff. In those 3 days, you only eat smoothies or drink. If you order the mix, you get 8 printed recpies with it and you can choose 3 smoothies every day.

Was I hungry?
Nope, the smoothies filled me up amazingly! Think of it, one smoothie consist of 1 apple, 1 cup of milk, 1 glass of berries and 1 handful of salad. Or 1/2 pear, 1 apple, 2 handfuls of salad and so on. With the first smoothie, I was so full for 7 hours, I usually eat after every 4 hours. So that was a miracle for me.

So... I didn't ate anything?
I can't really say that. The hardest day for me was the last one. I needed something to eat so badly. So I took a one piece of chicken my mom made. But it's allowed to eat nuts during the challenge if you feel hungry.

Anything else?
It's really importnant to drink water. Even on basic days, you need to fill yourself up at least about 8 glasses of water. While deatoxing, drink green tea and lemon-lime-cucumber water to feel more filled up and it really helps to cleanse.
I lost about 2 kg's during the deatox and I felt amazing after it. Don't forget that if you finish the challenge, try to not eat anything heavy or unhealthy for the next 2 days. It's impornant that your body gets used with eating stuff again. Keep at least 1 smoothie in your eating schedule for those 2 days.
Boost Yourself has got a workout mix and herbal tea what I really would like to try! I think I'm gonna to this soon.

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