Friday, May 27


This might be something pretty unusual but the thing is: McDonalds came out with their new coffee already some time ago. You can try this out in every McDonalds in Estonia.

Til the end of May you can try this for free- every monday to friday from 7.00 - 9.00. The coffee is made from fresh arabic coffee beans and as I'm a coffee lover I had to share this with you! 100% arabic made just for Estonia and there are small, medium and large sizes avabile.
Cappuccino, latte, black coffee, milk coffee and espresso- go and check out this free coffee offer at McDonalds!

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  1. Miks oma postitusi inglise keeles kirjutad? Kas sul on tõesti inglise keeles lugejaid nii palju rohkem? (Ma ei motle seds halvaga, tegelt on sul väga äge blogi) :) Go on girl!! ♡

    1. Aitäh sulle! :) Jah, juba ühe päevaga on mitusada vaatamist Norrast, USA'st , Rootsist, Soomest jne :)
      Kui soovite võin ju eesti keeles ka ikka kirjutada!

  2. Võiks mõlemas keeles olla, siis tekiks eestlastes ka rohkem huvi. :)))

  3. Väga lahe blogi sul, kenad pildid ka! :)