Friday, June 24


Some latest snaps from my phone and instagram. Make sure you follow me on insta, because I'm the most active there and always posting the newest updates:

1. Day after graduation and I looked like a sheep, haha! 2. Pineapple I bought the day before graduation and I gave it to my fav makeup artist and brow queen Liisa Leetma 
3. Me and my huge flower pile, thanks to everyone who came:) 4. Spend midsummer's eve at granny's place, uh it was amazing.
5. Me and Lotta tried out Wheyhey protein ice creams for the first time and they were amazing. 6. I WON THE BEST YOUTH BLOG price ar Estonian Blog Awards, still can't believe.
7. I love the sunsets and sunrises the most, they are so magical. 8. Me doing my KAYLA's BBG, I'm finishing the first part this week. It's week 12 already.

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