Monday, July 11

BASH '16

This year's Bash was just crazy! I didn't expect all of this- awesome event, coolest squad ever and now we are all here and already miss all of this. We didn't make it to the first day but we were there every single day since Thursday. It was sereously the best event of this summer so far. I hope soon we can repeat it. Now I'm heading to Tallinn tomorrow, I think I'm also going to vlog this, as much as I can. I have one meeting there and then I'm just enjoying the capital city life, ye!

Anyways thanks to everybody who was there, this was damn awesome!
All of the pictures are taken by @Sonajalg (click- maybe you want some pictures of yourself) 

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  1. heii, tahtsin öelda, et sa võiks hakata ka fb live tegema! :)