Sunday, December 4


I can't even describe how much I love this kind of a days, it's sunny, crispy cold, it's snowing and everything looks like a magical world. I call them as a ''perfect photoshoot'' days, hehe. So I can already feel the Christmas spirit and snowy and cold mood is all over me. I can't wait until the school break and being together with my family. Just love this time of the year. 

Today we had one of those roadtrip Sundays when we first visit our granny and then drive around the country (and I look for good photoshoot places, haha!) So it was the same today! My father stopped the car to turn around and I was like : NOO, STOP! And this is what happend next.
If you still don't know that I'm active on my Youtube channel again aaandd I'm doing VLOGMAS, then def. check it out HERE

Beanie- Cheap Monday       Flannel- Noisy May    

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