Wednesday, December 14


So I turned 17 on Monday, yaaay! The party was on Saturday and we had about 20 guests in our house. All pictures are taken by Mark, Gert or Caspar. And the two boys who are tasting amazing Puls Nutrition bars are Caspar and Härold (Caspar has always wanted to be in my blog, so it's a #dreamcometrue haha). We didn't take many pictures because the camera died in the middle of the party. 

I got so many wishes from you in Snapchat and Instagram and I'm super thankful- I also received many many sweet birthday wishes from my family and friends. I just want to thank you all so much! I wouldn't be here right now and achieved all of this without you all! And as you know I wasn't the only birthday queen this day, heyhey Kristel. The girl who is always behind the camera when I'm on the pictures, what would I do without you?

PS! BOOSTYOURSELF'i loosimine on veel kuni 15.detsembri õhtuni aktiivne mu instagramis

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