Saturday, January 14


If sometimes i'm not very active on my blog , then definitely I am more on my instagram! 

1. Basic mirror selfie while waiting for my friends // 2. I love mornings- favourite meal of the day! // 3. Random roadtrip photoshoot // 4. BoostYourself 3 day smoothie challenge // 5. Twinning? // 6. Homemade type snickers, bounty, brownie and coffee @ Biomenu // 7. First workout of 2017 // 8. One of my favourite snacks! // 9. From one of my latest outfit photoshoots.


  1. Hei!
    Sul olid siin vahepeal reklaamid. Enam pole?
    Muidu tore postitus. Palun postita tihedaminiiii!

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