Sunday, June 11


Last day before my last schoolday this year- math exam #fingerscrossed! Definitely scared of this one right now :D Although I'm sick but was feeling better a little bit in the evening we still decided to take some photos - today is the last day for you to post a picture on instagram with a hashtag #olelaimmariel and tomorrow after my exam I will tell who's the lucky winner:) 

Huhh, crazy! Homme on viimane koolipäev- sealjuures matemaatika eksam:D Pöidlad pihus, et see hästi läheks ja homme ennast paremini tunneksin kui täna. Otsustasime siiski mõned shotid teha, kuna täna on VIIMANE PÄEV Coca-Cola kampaanialoosis osalemiseks! Lisa foto instagrami ja kasuta #olelaimmariel ning homme hommikul teatan õnneliku auhinnavõitja:)

Shorts - ZARA    Shoes - RESERVED    T-Shirt - ZARA     Jacket - RESERVED
& my new supercool longboard is from Sportland

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