Monday, August 14


So on Friday morning we jumped on a train with Lotta - we never use the train to travel, I've only used it like 2 times before but now, I think I'm always going to use this. It's much faster and 110% more comfortable than the bus. So yea, we jumped on a train around 9 o'clock, came here, bought coffee and went to have lunch with NYX COSMETICS' Baltics team members and some bloggers/influencers. It was seriously so much fun, I can't even describe this. Met with Riin and Elisabeth for the first time, we were on the same little small table, and they are so cute and beautiful! We ate and talked/listened about new products, tested them and I got a huuugee goodie bag with new NYX Cosmetics products- going to make a little haul for you also. Then we went shopping and I visited MYPRINT store to bring home my new stuff- soon I'll gonna do an interior design post and you can see/read much more about it:) After jumping on the train to go back home, I had a little rest and then I went on a birthday party so yea, hella active day :D

Reede hommikul hüppasime 9 paiku Lottaga rongile, et Tallinnasse sõita- me ei kasuta mitte kunagi rongi, olen ainult 2x seda varasemalt kasutanud, nüüd mõtlesin küll, et edaspidi unustan bussid ja sõidan ainult rongiga. See on palju kiirem ja 110% mugavam. Seega ja, läksime rongile ja tulime Tallinnasse, otsisime kohe endale hommikused kohvid ja läksime NYX COSMETICS Baltics tiimi ja teiste blogijatega lõunale. See oli tõsiselt vahva, Merlin tegi imelist tööd, vau! Saime Riinu ja Elisabethiga esimest korda tuttavaks, istusime koos ühes lauas ja nad on lihtsalt nii vahvad ja ilusad. Me sõime ja rääkisime uutest toodetest, testisime neid ja saime kaasa hiiglasliku kingikoti kaasa. Teen väikese hauli teile kindlasti:) Siis käisime tavapäraseid shopingu tiire tegemas, tõime MyPrinti lõuendid koju ja explorisime veel natukene ringi, vanalinn lihtsalt never gets old!


  1. Oli tore kohtuda! Vast näeme varsti jälle! :P

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