Thursday, March 1


It just feels so good to be back. Who still doesn't know, then we came to Saaremaa, GOSPA hotel and SPA for 3 days to relax and just spend a little vacation here. Today is our 2nd day here and oh my god, weather is just amazing, bit cold but we can handle it haha! I love that our hotel has a outside pool and a small workout room/gym. Last night I went to do my workout at 9 o'clock in the evening, it was so relaxing and nice:) Today we had breakfast, went to a small walk around Kuressaare, then drove to Sõrve, it was soooo cold I just imagined that I am walking with -50 degrees outside, never finding home again haha! :D Now chilling in our room, soon back to spa and to gym! :) 

Are you also enjoying your school-holiday if you have one? What are your plans for the weekend? :) I'm heading back to Tallinn. You can also come and say hello at Playnupp social media gala on Sunday! 

Shirt, pants & hat - ZARA        Sneakers - JUNKYARD (nike)     Jacket - my sister's

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