Friday, November 9


My first trip ever and our first trip together was fun but didn't go as we wanted. But instead of the problems that we had, we will remember this trip as a good one because I did my first ever 4 plane flights in 3 days so successfully haha. GUYS - I am scared of planes and always think of ''maybe something happens'' but this was not me on that plane - so calm and chill. Except one time - the plane helper truck got stuck under the plane when we started flying- after that the plane WHEEL got stuck. God this was scary :D And our first flight was from TLN to Milan, then one moment they deleted the lights - all I could remeber was that they said in the beginning that flights off = emercengy. Joh was sleeping and I got so nervous so I woke him up asking what the hell is happening - he started laughing and said that it's landing time:D Stupid me :D

Wanted to bring you some moments we had while travelling to Sardinia. Everything is okay and I want to thank Joh for being so patient and lovely. He is a superhero! So come with me and let's look back to our memories togehter. 


Meie esimene ühine reis ja minu täiesti esimene reis ei läinud kahjuks nii nagu me ootasime. Selle asemel, et kurb olla ja taga nukrutseda mäletame seda reisi kui Marieli nelja esimest lennusõitu :D See ei olnud mina seal lennukis, see oli keegi teine. Ma olin ülimalt rahulik ja õnnelik, muidu olen alati see kes kardab lenukeid ja alla kukkumist. Välja arvatud siis kui meie viimasel lennul selgus, et see pisike abiauto jäi lennuki külge kinni, peale seda kiilus ratas kinni - no vot siis oli hirmus. Ja kui Tallinnast Milanosse lendasime pandi tuled kustu - algusest mäletasin seda, et tuled kustus=hädaolukord. Äratasin Johannese ruttu üles ja sain aru, et maandume hoopis :D 

Tahtsin teieni siiski tuua mõned vahvad fotod ja mälestused reisist, mis ei olnud küll edukas, kuid siiski väga mõnus ja vahva:) Pole hullu, varsti lendame jälle. 

1. Enjoying local vegan gelato in Cagliary old town. Our first day in Sardinia. 2. While landing in Vilnius, on our way back home. 3. Blurry but awesome photo of Joh eating MY ICE CREAM :D 4. While waiting our bus in Vilnius we found this amazing Rosehip Vegan Bistro to eat dinner. Wow - 10/10! 

5. Joh wanted to find a place in Cagliary for our car. We drove back and forth from the SAME STREET 5 TIMES :D And finally we stopped a car to walk 10m until I fell, and lost my feet haha :D I was just like collapsing, because I stepped down the street too quickly.  6. Just a tourist blogger photo of me:D 7. THOSE STREETS! WOW! 8. Before leaving, we took some photos of me in front of our AirBnb house:) 

9. Another photo of me! How cool are those motorbikes:) 10. The small house areas are just so cute. Loved it! 11. Old town streets of Cagliary, the same old ice-cream:D 12. SunRISE from Milano airport at 8 o'clock:) 

KINKS JA KRAAPS ABI EEST PHOTOPOINT'ile, kes oli meie reisi suur abiline ja vahva fototehnika sponsor. 
*Kahjuks reisivideost asja ei saanud kuna GoPro failid jõudsid minu arvutisse ainult musta ja helita videona:( Sellest on niiii kahju! 

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