Sunday, April 28


MONDAY: I had a short schoolday and after that I went to the gym for a HIIT sesh. I did 4+4+3 bodyweight high intensity exercises and repeated each round 3 times. Well it was one of the best workouts after a while. Then I headed to John's place. We went out to eat lunch with his family. During the evening, we went to my place because J and dad were fixing J's old bike and I just talked with my mom. Then we suddently both wanted an ice-cream and we came back with LaMuu's vegan option and watched a documentary from Netflix. Chill vibes!

TUESDAY: It was a day off from school so early in the morning me and J went to the gym with our bikes. Had a nice leg session and then jumped by our local small health food store and picked up my parcel. Did some photos with Kriss after that and chilled out and played with J's sister's kid during the evening. 

WEDNESDAY: Again, a pretty short schoolday, headed straight to the gym and after that came home. We did some blogging stuff here and I just relaxed and planned my school and work stuff pretty much all day long. We wanted to go on a bike ride at night but I was so tired at 8PM already because I had woken up at 5AM this morning. So I went to bed at 8:30 PM and fell asleep :D

THURSDAY: I had a bit of a bad morning and I didn't went to school on that day. Studied hard for my history test and went to the school around 2PM to complete it finally - went pretty well. Because we had 18+ degrees already, we decided to ride bikes and eat some ice-cream. Jäämari's healthy and organic icecreams are the best! Just chilled out and went to grocery shopping after that. Then we made dinner and chilled until evening. I made a vegan curd cake for ''vegan easter morning'' haha:D Turned out super GOOD!

FRIDAY: J bringed me a breakfast to bed so we ate there and went for a little walk around the town. Right now I am planning to head to the GYM soon and J is going to make some muesli bars for his marathon tomorrow. Will be a looong day for him :D But let's see what the day brings!

SATURDAY: Because J will leave at 4 AM in the morning already, I will go to the GYM in the morning and do one longer session because he will be back at nighttime. Maybe we'll catch up with Kriss to shoot some photos for my blog and head out to coffee. It will be a warm and nice day so let's see. Want to spend much time outside. As much as I can. Spring! 

SUNDAY: I think I will be revising for my Estonian exam on Monday. But don't have any plans. Thinking of going to the forest or fog with J for a fresh air picnic.

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